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Disputed Area

Chinese Marine Corps Hold Aggressive Drill to Win War

The Chinese Marine Corps recently conducted massive amphibious landing drills in a move that, according to specialists, “it is aimed at gathering experience and winning wars.” Two ships involved in the drills are the Baxianshan landing ship from the People’s Liberation Army’s East China Sea Fleet and the Luoxiaoshan landing ship from the PLA South […]

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Spanish WarShip Imitate Magellan Exploration to the Philippines

The Álvaro de Bazán-class air defense frigate of the Spanish Navy, the Méndez Núñez (F104) has arrived in Manila. The visit is part of its imitation of explorer Ferdinand Magellan’s circumnavigation of the globe.  Ferdinand Magellan and his expedition were the first Europeans to reach the Philippines, a stop on the first circumnavigation of the […]

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People’s Republic of China (PRC) President Will be in The Philippines Tomorrow

Xi Jinping will visit Manila on November 20. The expected visit of the Chinese President to Manila is expected to position the Philippines-China relations ” as a new model of international relations,” Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua. “We have every reason to believe that this visit will enormously boost China-Philippines relations in the […]

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Argentine Navy Submarine Found After a Year of Disappearance

The Argentine Navy and Defense Ministry confirmed last Friday that the missing ARA San Juan submarine located at a depth of around 800 meters. The discovery of the submarine, a year after it went disappeared in stormy weather, announced that had found close to the ocean floor, officials said on Saturday. Argentine officials lost radio […]

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Close Emcounter

US Navy Sailed Johnson and Gaven Reefs in Spratly Islands and The Chinese Navy Response

The Decatur had sailed within 22 kilometers of Johnson and Gaven reefs in the Spratly chain as part of the United States’ FONOP program. The operations are intended to enforce the right of free passage in international waters under international law. Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Philippines also claim the two islets. The photos, published on […]

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Another US Warship Challenges China’s Expansive Claim in West Philippine Sea

The United States sent a guided-missile destroyer Sunday to challenge China’s expansive claims to the disputed South China Sea and sailing near Chinese-occupied territories. The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Decatur conducted a freedom-of-navigation operation, sailing within 12 nautical miles of Chinese-held territories in the Spratly Islands. The US Navy’s freedom-of-navigation operations “challenge excessive maritime […]

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Japan Beechcraft TC-90

Additional Surveillance Aircraft From Japan and West Ph Sea Dispute Still a Challenge

The Philippine Navy has received an additional three Beechcraft TC-90 King Air aircraft from Japan. Delfin Lorenzana, in a speech at a naval base, said the three Japanese donated second-hand TC90 aircraft will definitely boost the navy’s capability to gather intelligence in the West Philippines Sea. “We must admit that much still has to be […]

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China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force To Continue Flight Drill

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force will keep handling drills at sea regardless of whatever obstacle it may encounter, China’s state broadcaster announced, following reports that Chinese warplanes crossed near Japan and Taiwan in recent days. The actions have faced and bought with a variety of forms of opposition and obstacle, but no matter […]

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Beach Landing Assault

Avoid Mindanao – Western Nations Warned Their Citizen

Alerts from Britain, Canada, and Australia were released this week after President Rodrigo Duterte increased military rule all over the region of Mindanao to fight the rebels.  Canadian advisory on Monday warned against visiting any part of Mindanao except for Davao. The Canadian government said that there is a severe risk of terrorist attacks and […]

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Britain Challenging China, Will Send Warship to West Philippine Sea

Defence Minister Michael Fallon said on Thursday, Britain plans to send a warship to the disputed South China Sea next year to conduct freedom of navigation operations. UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson has committed the UK’s two brand new aircraft carriers to freedom of navigation exercises in the fiercely contested waters of the South China […]

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Chinese Media Accuses America Of Trying To Elevate Sikkim Standoff

A Chinese daily media accused the US and other countries of attempting to increase the Sino-India standoff and to replicate the South China Sea trick and seek strategic advantages. An op-ed article in the state-run Global Times said, more than five weeks into the border standoff between China and India, some countries other than the […]

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Letter With Feather

China Ordered Cinema to Play Propaganda Film

Beijing regulators have ordered cinemas to give 45 percent screen share to the Friday opening of a lavish propaganda film celebrating the People’s Liberation Army. This weekend, Chinese moviegoers will have abundant opportunity to see their country’s latest big-budget propaganda movie. Beijing’s state media regulators have ordered cinemas over the country to provide substantial play […]

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Scorpene Class Submarine

India – Not Just Land Dispute, China also Expanding Maritime Boundaries

Changing disputed boundaries with neighbors has signified a symbol of China’s external policy in recent years. In the context of the discussion at the India-Bhutan-China tri-junction, it will be interesting to note that Beijing is involved in changing maritime boundaries with Japan in the East China Sea and a host of Southeast Asian nations in […]

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Mischief Reef

China Wants Alliances Despite West Philippine Sea Tensions

On Monday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Beijing needed to maintain stability in the South China Sea as it seeks alliances in the region amid tensions in the disputed waters. The United States has opposed China for neglecting international law by the construction and militarization of artificial islands in the South China Sea, threatening […]

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Chinese Spy Ship During US New Zealand and Australia Wargames

A Chinese spy ship has been detected off the Australian coast near joint war games underway between the United States, New Zealand and Australian militaries, the Australian Defense Force (ADF). The ADF said the Chinese People’s Liberation Army-Navy Type 815 Dongdiao-class auxiliary general intelligence vessel was operating on the northeast coast during the Talisman Sabre […]

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United States to Closely Monitor the China and Russia Wargames

On Friday, Chinese warships will join Vladimir Putin’s navy in the Baltic Sea ahead of war games which are being viewed nearly by Western powers. The drills, which are a sign of both the growing reach of the Chinese military and closer strategic ties between Moscow and Beijing, kick off a busy summer of drills […]

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China Should Send Submarine

Send Submarines to Indian Ocean a Chinese Expert Suggested

A Chinese expert suggested the Chinese government should give more submarines to the Indian Ocean in the face of concerns stated about China’s increasing military presence in the region. The report reflected China’s concerns over the ongoing Malabar naval exercise involving the US, Japan, and India, which includes more than 100 aircraft and 21 vessels. […]

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US Gen. Selva – US Should Restart a Named Military Operation in the Philippines

The vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told that the United States must consider restarting a named military in the Philippines operation to oppose the growth of the Islamic state. During an Armed Services Committee hearing on Selva’s reappointment, Gen. Paul Selva answered a question from Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa. Selva said, they […]

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