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US Coast Guard Cutter Successfully Return After 162 Days of Patrolling Several Allied EEZ

The crew aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Stratton (WMSL 752) is finally returned to their homeport of Alameda following a 162-day deployment to the Western Pacific Ocean. The ship crew patrolled and administered operations, including the enforcing United Nations Security Council resolutions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea by gathering intelligence on vessels […]

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China Officially Build Third Aircraft Carrier

China officially confirmed that it is building its third aircraft carrier which is stated to be bigger and more advanced than the other two current warships, a move by Beijing to bolster its blue-water navy capability to operate far from its borders. The aircraft carrier, Liaoning was launched in 2012, which was a refit of […]

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Combat helicopter

Philippine Air Force 2015 – 8 Brand New Attack Helicopters

Shortly after the awarding of three 3 Philippine Navy Helicopter, the Philippine Air Force immediately plan to  acquire new attack helicopter. By  June 2013, DND confirmed the acquisition of brand new attack helicopter. In October  2013,  AgustaWestland company won the bidding to supply 8 attack helicopters. Under the 3.44 billion contract price, the helicopter must have […]

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Philippine Navy 2015 - SSV

Philippine Navy 2015 Strategic Sealift Vessel Acquisition

In January 2014, PT PAL Indonesia won the bidding of SSV with a price offer of P3.8 billion. Two months after, PT PAL hand over the scale model of the strategic sealift vessel to Philippine Navy. As of August 2015, IHS Jane confirmed that the first Strategic Sealift Vessel is nearly 70 percent complete while the […]

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Scarborough Shoal Philippines

Philippines VS China – Peaceful Resolution and the Provocation of PRC

Ms. Bonnie S. Glaser .. and fourth element is supporting and enhancing defensive capabilities of Allies and partners we’ve this is mostly the Philippines and Vietnam. I think we’ve heard a good deal about this yesterday by U.S. maritime Security Systems to Southeast Asia overall will exceed 156,000,000 Million Dollars in the 2014-2015 timeframe. On […]

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Mischief Reef (Kagitingan reef)

Philippines Vs China – 9 Dash Map Claim and the Uninhabited Islands

Mr. Michael Fuchs today at our efforts to modernize these alliances including new agreements like the enhanced defense cooperation agreement with the Philippines and the U.S. Australia Force posture agreement will benefit the entire region. Now some call as outsiders and tell us not intervene in regional issues but they ignore the fact that for […]

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Balikpapan class

Philippine Navy 2015 – To Receive Landing Class Heavy Ships from Australia

The Philippine Navy is expected to receive two supply ships ( HMAS Tarakan L 129 and HMAS Brunei L 127 ) Balikpapan-class landing craft heavy from Australian Navy (RAN). The HMA Ships Labuan, Tarakan Brunei were decommissioned in November 2014. Landing Craft Heavy DetailsLength: 44.5 meters Beam: 10.1 meters Draught: 2 meters Displacement: 364 tons standard, 517 […]

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Philippine Air Force

Philippine Air Force 2015 – Successful Acquisition

  January 2014 – two Light lift transport aircraft worth 814 million pesos February 2014 – three air search radars from Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.- Elta for P2.6 billion March 2014 – State arms procurement agency of South Korea signed a US$420 million contract to export 12 FA-50 fighter jets built by Korea Aerospace Industries […]

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Philippines 105 mm Howitzer

US and Philippine Marines Share Mortar and Howitzer Skills

The United States Marines fired simultaneously with the Philippine Marines at a simulated objective for enhanced combined capabilities during the final bilateral artillery fire. The training include firing live round of 120 mm mortar and 105 mm howitzer. 12th Marine Regiment combines skills with the Philippine Armed Forces 105mm howitzer and 120 mm mortar April […]

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Philippine Marines

US and Philippine Marines Behind Enemy Lines

MV-22 Tiltrotor Ospreys flew in dropping off infantry men from 4th Marine Regiment along with their Filipino counterparts into the valley to start the field training exercise Combined Vigilance. United States and Philippine Marines conduct a regimental aerial assault into Crow Valley, Philippines, during exercise Balikatan 2015. The large scale exercise in Crow Valley is […]

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Philippine Army Mortar

Balikatan 2015 – Philippines and United States Forces Prove its Offensive Capability

A-10 thunderbolt Close Air Support, Amphibious Landing Vehicle (AAV-7s) support, howitzer, troops reinforcement and more, all in United States and Philippines Military combined armed live firing exercise Balikatan 2015. The event showcased the orchestration of air and ground troops to seize an objective.

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Philippine Air Force and US Marines Specialist

Philippines and US Marines Firefighting Specialist Response F/A-18C Engine Failure

The Philippine Air Force firefighters train side by side with US Marines rescue and firefighting specialist to respond simulated engine failure and fire. An F/A-18C Hornet conduct an arrested landing at Clark Air Field, Pampanga, Republic of the Philippines. The arresting equipment is a mechanical system used to rapidly decelerate an aircraft as it lands. The […]

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9 dash line

Who Will Control the South China Sea?

Peter Dutton, Director of China Maritime Studies Institute in the Center for Naval Warfare Studies of the Naval War College, speaks with Ernest Bower, Director of the CSIS Southeast Asia Program, about the conflicting claims over the South China Sea and what that means for international relations. Discusses the 9 dash line of China, China’s […]

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Japan Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Philippine Air Force 2015 – The Maritime Patrol Aircraft Acquisition

In August 2014 Seven companies attended the bidding of 5.98 Billion Pesos Brand new Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft. By June 2015, a news surface that the Philippine Government may acquire up to 4 P-3 Orion Aircraft from Japan Maritime Self Defense Force through excess defense articles .    

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