President Duterte Order U.S to Return the Bells

President Rodrigo Duterte was reviving a century old fight for the return of the historic Balangiga bells taken by the U.S. Army from a church in Samar during the Philippine-American war.

Duterte said they must bring back the Balangiga bells because they own it and it belongs to the Philippines during his second State of the Nation Address on Monday.

On Tuesday, U.S. Embassy Spokesperson Molly Koscina announced the U.S. would remain to work with our Filipino allies to find a resolution.

She said the bells have deep importance for both countries. Filipinos respect the Balangiga bells as symbols of their long struggle for freedom. The bells provided the signal for revolutionaries to attack American soldiers who were invading Balangiga after the U.S. took possession of the Philippines following the Spanish-American War.

Two of the three bells are presented at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyo. Role as a memorial to 46 U.S. troops destroyed by Filipino revolutionaries in 1901.

Talk about giving back the bells has been a continuing issue in U.S.-Philippine relations.